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Black Bear and Cub |   Charles Wallis

Black Bear and Cub | Charles Wallis

Texas Hwy 6, Robertson Co. |   Rick Duhrkopf

Texas Hwy 6, Robertson Co. | Rick Duhrkopf


Creative Waco is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grow and support a thriving cultural and creative community in Waco and McLennan County, Tx


The historic crossing of the Brazos River in Waco has long been a gathering place for people and cultures. Creative Waco is proud to carry on that tradition as our city continues to evolve into a cultural hub. We want Waco to be seen as the community it is — one that nurtures, celebrates and supports creative talent.

Waco fosters creative growth through its three institutions: Baylor University, McLennan Community College and Texas State Technical College. This talent spills over into a lively community arts scene with visual arts, music, literature, filmmaking and theater all strongly represented.

Waco’s cultural life is also enriched by our wonderful museums, state-of-the-art Cameron Park Zoo (which also hosts concerts and cultural events), the Brazos Nights free concert series, Symphony Orchestra, theaters, art festivalsgalleriesa live music scene and so much more. 


When a city has a creative identity, it attracts visitors who buy art, listen to live music and experience the vibrancy of a thriving cultural identity. That's what we want for Waco. We want to build on what we already have to make Waco the kind of city where:

  • artists of all kinds can thrive.

  • talented young creative graduates can start their careers and businesses.

  • arts organizations and arts professionals strengthen their skills, bringing incredible experiences and opportunities here.

  • our thriving cultural and creative community is a source of pride for residents and a draw for visitors.

It's about growing our economy, retaining talent and supporting good ideas. To implement this, we've studied communities across Texas, America and Europe. 

Each thriving community found that forming a Local Arts Agency allowed them to develop successful strategies for growing and supporting their cultural and creative community.  It provided a platform for "joined up thinking," allowing them to set goals, access new funding, evaluate impact and identify need. You already know communities that do this. They are the places that you love to visit for day trips, weekend breaks, conferences and vacations! 


Now that Waco has been officially designated as a Cultural District by Texas Commission on the Arts, we strive to: 

1. Turn Waco's Cultural Plan into action. 

2. Bring Waco's arts professionals together as Waco Arts Alliance.

3. Bring new resources and opportunities to Waco's arts organizations

You can join us in this journey! Connect with Creative Waco to have your say and sign up for information. 

Board of Directors:

  • Lisa Sheldon, Chair

  • John Deaver, Vice President

  • Elise Edwards, Secretary

  • Chris McGowan, Treasurer

  • Nick Alvarado

  • Dale Fisseler

  • Will Suarez

Cultural District Committee:

Waco Cultural District Task Force

Waco Cultural District Task Force

Cultural District Committee Members:

Alfred Solano, Andrea Barefield, Angelica Veracruz, Ashley Royal, Carla Pendergraft, Chris McGowan, Clint Peters, Cuevas Peacock, Doreen Ravenscroft, Dustin Chapman, Elise Edwards, Eric Shephard, Fiona Bond, Harry Harelik, Andy Hogue, John Deaver, John Kinnaird, Kris Collins, Larry Carpenter, Lisa Sheldon, Megan Henderson, Nick Alvarado.

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