We know that our non-profit arts and cultural organizations are GREAT for our community in all kinds of ways, but did you know that they do an INCREDIBLE job of supporting jobs and growing our local economy, too? During 2016, Waco had the privilege of being one of the focus cities for Americans for the Arts' National survey into "The Arts & Economic Prosperity." This was the 5th such study over a 20 year period and the first time Waco has been able to participate. It provides valuable information about our sector's economic impact. 

Waco's non-profit arts and cultural organizations deliver $63.7 million economic impact per year, supporting over 2,000 full time equivalent jobs, and earning over $7million in tax revenue for local and state government.

To find out more, click on the report below. 

Here are the results:

1/ Click Here to access the National Survey and lots of resources from Americans For the Arts, so you can learn more about how the Arts and Cultural sector's impact on our nation's economy.

2/ Here is the Waco A&EP5 Report

3/ Here is the Powerpoint Presentation summarizing key findings for Waco

4/ Here is a one-page summary of the Waco data

5/ Here are examples of the audience intercept survey that was used. You can see the audience intercept survey specific to Waco, a Spanish language survey, and a large print survey for the visually impaired.