1000 Hopes for Waco / ARTPrenticeship 2018

1000 Hopes for Waco / ARTPrenticeship 2018



Opportunities for Young Artists. Beauty for Our City.


In the summer of 2018, Creative Waco brought an exceptional new program to Waco. Working with Waco ISD and Prosper Waco summer interns, the ARTPrenticeship program resulted in a real-world, concept-to-completion mentored work experience for aspiring young creatives that left Waco with new artistic masterpiece. The pilot program was modeled on Cincinnati's award-winning ArtWorks Program, and we were thrilled to bring Waco an exceptional new work in the mural 1000 Hopes for Waco, located downtown on 2nd and Jackson St.

ARTPrenticeship connects young creatives with artists to create fresh and eye-catching works of art that reflect the beauty of our community. By collaborating with business owners, sponsors and community leaders, the program provides so much more than a summer internship. If you are passionate about beauty for our city, and want to champion our gifted young creatives in Waco, please consider sponsoring our apprentices! To find out more about how you can support or participate this year’s program, check out the links below.


  1. Who can participate?

    Rising high school juniors and seniors from Waco ISD and linked school districts that are partnered with Prosper Waco’s summer internship program. To guide our apprentices we hire four local, professional artists to instruct and manage the design process, one program manager, one design consultant. We also offer opportunities for community volunteers to participate in the program.

  2. How are the ARTprentices recruited?

    ARTPrenticeship is run in partnership with Waco ISD and Prosper Waco’s high school internship program. This allows us to use their framework for application, recruitment, insurance, and evaluation.

    In 2019, the program can also be offered to students beyond Waco ISD. The students will be selected by application to the program based on artistic merit and teacher recommendation.

  3. What do the ARTprentices learn from this program?

    Apprentices learn the skills needed to become a successful “Creative Professional” (transferable to many fields, e.g. art, design, architecture, engineering, etc.) and learn to apply those skills in a real-world context.

    Skills covered include project management, designing to a client brief, managing a client relationship, community consultation, presenting and revising designs, budgeting, financial management and cash flow (including calculation of materials needed), managing uncertainty and risk, safety on a work site, basic surveying knowledge, legal basics (contracts and intellectual property), working as part of a creative team, and media communication.

  4. How long is the program?

    ARTPrenticeship is an eight-week summer internship program beginning in early June ending in early August. Apprentices meet Monday thru Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon during the entirety of the program, except during holidays. The first two weeks consist of “studio sessions” where the apprentices participate in creative exercises, professional development workshops, and develop the mural designs to present to the business owner(s). The mural painting process takes roughly five weeks.


Want to be involved? Email artprenticeship@creativewaco.org.