Armstrong Browning Library  

  • (254) 710-3566
  • Baylor University Campus, 710 Speight Ave., Waco, TX 76706

Located on the Baylor University campus, the Armstrong Browning Library celebrates the poetry of the British poets, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, through stained glass windows and a collection of the poets memorabilia.

Dr. Pepper Museum

  • (254) 757-1025
  • 300 S. 5th St., Waco, TX 76708

Celebrate this American classic at the Dr Pepper Museum, home to one of the finest collections of soft-drink memorabilia in the nation.

Waco Historic Foundation

  • (254) 753-5166
  • 810 S. 4th St, Waco, TX 76708
    • Earle Napier Kinnard House
      • (254) 753-2032
      • 1901 N. 5th St., Waco TX 76708
        • Built at the edge of an unsettled frontier, this Greek Revival-style mansion stands as the only restored antebellum home open to the public in Waco.

    • East Terrace
      • (254) 753-5166
      • 100 Mill St., Waco, TX 76704
        • East Terrace offers a rare Texas example of Italianate Villa architecture, with arched windows and thin columns decorating the entire front of the house.
    • Fort House
      • (254) 753-5166 
      • 503 S. 4th St., Waco, TX 76703
        • The Fort House’s “Museum Room” features changing exhibits. To learn about the current special exhibit, visit the Historic Waco Foundation web site.
    • McCulloch House 
      • (254) 753-5166 
      • 407 Columbus Ave., Waco TX 76701
        • In touring the house, visitors will be able to see how the McCulloch family lived, including their family Bible, the children’s room mural, miniature calligraphy writings, and the bed where Emma birthed the McCulloch babies.

History of West Museum 

  • (254) 826-4639
  • 112 E. Oak St., West, TX 76691

Museum dedicated to the history of West from their beginnings as Bold Springs through today.

Lee Lockwood Library and Museum

  • (254) 754-3942
  • 2801 W. Waco Dr., Waco TX 76707

This magnificent building offers three floors of exhibits on Freemasonry in Europe, North America and Texas.

Martin Museum of Art   

  • (254) 710-1867
  • 60  Baylor Ave., Waco TX 76708

For more than thirty years, the stewardship and mission of the Martin Museum of Art has been one of education and service. The museum is committed to bringing outstanding art exhibitions, speakers, and guest artists to Baylor University and to Waco and the Heart of Texas.

Masonic Grand Lodge

  • (254) 753-7395
  • 715 Columbus Ave., Waco TX 76701

The Masonic Grand Lodge is located in downtown Waco, a beautiful building that highlights the accomplishments and ideals of Freemasonry. It includes both a library and a museum featuring historic artifacts of famous Texas masons.

Mayborn Museum Complex

  • (254) 710-1110
  • 1300 S. University Parks Dr., Waco TX 76706

Located on the Baylor University campus, this museum features a natural science and cultural history museum focusing on Central Texas with walk-in dioramas including one on the Waco Mammoth Site, and exploration stations for geology, paleontology, archaeology, and natural history. In addition to the Natural History exhibits, there are seventeen themed discovery rooms which encourage hands-on learning for all ages.

Red Men Museum

  • (254) 756-1221
  • 4521 Speight Ave., Waco TX 76708

The Red Men Museum & Library, the official national museum of the Red Men fraternal order, houses an eclectic collection of historic pieces.

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

  • (254) 750-8631
  • 100 Texas Ranger Trail, Waco, TX 76706

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum is the official State Hall of Fame for the Texas Rangers Law Enforcement Agency. Exhibits feature the history and equipment of the Texas Ranger from Wild West days to the present.

Texas Sports Hall of Fame 

  • (254) 756-1633
  • 1108 S. University Parks Dr., Waco TX 76706

The museum includes the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Texas Tennis Hall of Fame, the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame, and the new Southwest Conference exhibit. Texas greats such as Nolan Ryan, Tom Landry, Babe Didrickson and many others are featured.

Waco Mammoth Site 

  • (254) 750-7946
  • 6220 Steinbeck Bend Drive, Waco, TX 76708

Opened in December, 2009, this site is the nation's first and only recorded discovery of a nursery herd of Pleistocene mammoths, according to the National Park Service. The dig shelter that protects the bones creates an atmosphere of an art gallery. Natural light floods into the shelter from all directions and a suspended walkway provides a stunning overhead view of the mammoths.