Eliseo_Rhino Sketch Schematic 300dpi.JPG


A N I M A L :  Rhino

M A T E R I A L :  Carved Limestone

P R I C E :  $41,000

U N I Q U E / M U L T I P L E :  Unique

D E S C R I P T I O N :  My vision for the Waco Zoo Public Art Project is to create a white rhinoceros from white limestone, segmented into three pieces, with bas-relief carvings on selected surfaces.

A menagerie of flora, fauna, animals and symbols (from research and discussion with the donor) relevant to Waco and the zoo will be carved onto the surface of the rock in the bas-relief style for which I’m known. This technique would not only visually exude a substantial physical presence, but would also be relevant to the site and the community, and display a high level of quality. The placement of sculptural elements will invite curiosity and interaction of visitors, especially children, by encouraging discovery of different whimsical creatures on the sculpture.


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Eliseo Garcia


I’m a multi-media sculptor with extensive experience in natural stone, steel and cast bronze creations. As an interpretive artist I have successfully completed many commissions for Municipal, Private, Memorial and Commercial entities.  My approach to large scale projects focuses on intensive research and open communication with project leaders, committees, architects, engineers, and construction teams in defining the visions and goals of the project. My natural stone bas-relief wall murals, and three dimensional single or multiple piece stand-alone sculptures, are valued for their visual impact, innovative free flowing designs, substance and relevance to theme content.

My ability to work in representational, abstract and contemporary styles, gives me the freedom of using a variety of design and sculptural elements in determining the final compositional art form. My work can be designed to tell specific stories using recognizable imagery or utilize dramatic interplay of abstracted shapes, textures and lighting, to make expressive and meaningful works of art.