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A N I M A L :  Meerkats

M A T E R I A L :  Welded stainless steel

P R I C E :  $38,500

U N I Q U E / M U L T I P L E :  Unique

D E S C R I P T I O N :  Meerkats’ social interactions are both entertaining and even inspiring to behold. I propose to create a group (“mob”), of three adult and two juveniles standing erect in a row as is typical of their behavior when on the look-out for predators. My intention is to build the meerkats greatly over scale, approximately 36” to 40” tall, so that children would be encouraged to stand amongst the mob imitating their behavior for photos and play. I hope to accentuate the almost human expression and touch common amongst meerkats to inspire engagement, delight and compassion for animals by the observer.


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John Weber


I will begin by building a welded framework using small type 316 stainless steel rods, which is then covered with type 316 stainless steel sheets hammered to shape and welded to the frame. The welds are then ground smooth and flush with the surrounding sheet removing sharp edges or protrusions. The surface is then textured to remove the glossy finish and to simulate the creature’s hair. This results in a very durable long lasting and low maintenance finish. The figures will be anchored in their respective positions to a base that will have holes drilled to receive anchor bolts to secure it to the concrete slab below. In consideration of children walking or playing on the base, the base will be given a texture to better resemble sand and stones.