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A N I M A L :  African Crested Cranes

M A T E R I A L :  Steel with powder coat or paint

P R I C E :  $32-$37,000 for two, or $24,000 for one

U N I Q U E / M U L T I P L E :  Unique

D E S C R I P T I O N :  Our Industrial Deco Style promotes environmental awareness and considers industry and nature. Creating works that inspire thought and conversation through use of color and form enhances our cultural richness. The African Crested Cranes is endangered due to decrease in habitat.

Dimensions Left Crane:  72" H x 40" W x 72" L

Dimensions Right Crane:  60" H x 36" W x 54" L


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Marino Heidel Studios


"Our approach for this project is to create larger sculptural movements with more fully three-dimensional presence, based on industrial deco style, extrapolating from our volumetric concepts. After discussion with the committee, we will work towards final schematics, fabricate Marquette(s) and draft installation plans, then proceed to fabrication after approval. Stage by stage updates, including image files will be provided to the committee throughout the process."



We are an artist team working in site specific public art murals, sculpture and functional art, nationally. We have worked with cities, academic institutions, libraries, communities and corporations, their agents, designers, design teams, architects, engineers, and community outreach agencies. We are on the art in public places rosters in Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD, as well as the Oregon Arts Commission and Regional Arts and Culture Commission, OR.

Our style is narrative with abstracted figurative content. The imagery is crisp, contemporary and site specific. It considers color and movement and intends to incorporate meaning into the art, not only by drawing from research pertaining to the subject matter, but by visualizing ideas of musical lyricism. Our conceptual direction is encouraging of discovery and awareness. We are interested in designing works that evoke questions or bring attention to the possibilities of cultural richness, effects of nature and industry (that we call “industrial deco”) and also to illuminate history. 

Another style that we offer is focused on combining salvaged and new resources in metal. We refer to this work as “Volumetric.”  In our work samples, these include sculptures such as Catavina, Arms Raised with Joy, and Unity.  While much of our publicly commissioned sculptural work has been utilitarian/functional works such as bicycle plaza sculptural suites, some, such as Life Cycles have served also as gateway pieces presenting sense of place, intent and impact. 

An example of how our process contextually embeds topical themes informed by location and community identity, can be examined in our mural The Fabric of Nature and Industry, commissioned by UMass. The imagery is informed by the regions history of fishing and textile industries while specifically acknowledging their courses of study: Marine biology, engineering, art, fabric design, and science. The overall feel of the mural is inspired by batik, a fabric printing method, highlighted because UMass has one of the largest batik collections in the USA. The color spectrum used considers global warming.

We consider multiple influences and themes, functionality, esthetic compatibility and structural concerns. Embarking in a creative dialogue is important to us, and is why we are open to discussions that inform the project and create partnerships with the committee/community.  During project development, we render several conceptual directions for review.