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ARTPrenticeship 2019

Opportunities for Young Artists. Beauty for Our City.

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“The Color of Healthy”

This mural was created by a team of Waco artists with apprentices from Waco ISD and lead designer Will Suarez. It was painted during an 8 week Summer program that gave high school students the opportunity to learn how to take a creative project from concept to completion.

The artwork combines themes the apprentices drew from hearing community leaders talk about the strong neighborhoods surrounding the clinic. They learned about the women who rose up to provide a network of healthcare as midwives and nurses, and whose life mission became the wellness and flourishing of their neighbors. 

The fruit symbolize all that we take in or experience that affects our health – individually and together. It has no color of its own. Only through interaction with the woman and the man at her side does it take on color, vibrancy and energy.



Will Suarez (lead designer), Bethany Franzen, Julie Milstead, and Susan Sistrunk,


Julius Merriwether, Magnolia Oliphant, Maria Quinones-Prado, Kaeleana Ramirez, Daphne Rodriguez, Danielle Stevens


Stefanie Wheat-Johnson

“The Spirit of We”

This mural was created by a team of Waco artists with apprentices from Waco ISD. The lead Designer was New Orleans Artist, Richard C. Thomas, famous throughout the USA for pioneering “visual jazz”. This piece was painted during an 8 week summer program that gave high school students the opportunity to learn how to manage a creative project from concept to completion.

At first glance, this artwork looks abstract. Like listening to jazz on your front porch, it seems like a jumble of color and rhythm. Then, just like jazz, your attention is rewarded, and the patterns and themes weave their magic.

 Look closely, and you will see images and symbols. Families, seeds, animals, birds, plants, earth, air, water and fire; the elements of legend, history, and life. Some symbols come together to create larger patterns and pictures: An African mask (symbol of origin), a whale (symbol that sometimes we find ourselves where we did not choose to be), and a phoenix (symbol of rising from what seems hopeless).

The interweaving symbols depict stories the designer and apprentice artists heard from community members as they listened and learned about Bridge Street. Every time you look, you will see a different story emerging. This is “The Spirit of We”

Here is what the lead designer says about the piece:

“We are stronger when we rise together. Together we grow our families, our businesses, our faith, our quality of life, and our community. Every man, woman and child is tied together in our shared destiny. What affects one affects all. We are on the move, and together WE SHALL RISE. This is “The Spirit of We”.



Richard C. Thomas (lead designer), Cade Kegerreis, Shawna Tomes, and Kristen Thompson


Naya Banda, Treshion Bryant, Brenden Kidd, Fate King, Lillian Olvera and IsaBella Thomas


Stefanie Wheat-Johnson


Wall Donors:

Brotherwell Brewing and Family Health Center: Waco, TX

These awesome organizations and businesses that invested in ARTPrenticeship 2019:

Billman Painting, City Center Waco, Cooper Foundation, Crowe Barn Builders, Dyer Painting, H.E.B., Keep Waco Loud, MC Art Supplies, Rapoport Foundation, Waco ISD & GWAMA, Wade Bowen Foundation Sherwin-Williams, and United Rental

This project would not have been possible without the wonderful support of:

Betty & Benjy Bauer, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, Diane & Kyle Deaver, Karina & John Deaver, Ashley Allison & David Dulski, Virginia DuPuy, Heidi & Ottis Foster, Brazos Education Foundation, Felicia & Somers Goodman, Samantha & Matthew Hardy, Priscilla & David Henry, Emily & Matt Iazzetti, Lynn Klatt, Missy Larson, Robin & Doug McDurham, Carol Miller, Ema & Don Moes, Kay & Lyndon Olson, Kris and Charlie Olson, Betsy & Phil Reeder, Jennifer Richie, Sara & Rodney Richie, Hector & Ilda Sabido, Lisa & Rick Sheldon, Alice & Ken Starr, Terry & Elaine Stevens, Brooke & Heyward Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. Angela & David Tekell, and Anna & Kent Vanderheiden