712 Austin Avenue
August 4 - Sept 2, 2017
Monday - Saturday  |  10am - 6pm

Creative Waco is delighted to be hosting Waco 52 Pop-Up Gallery at 712 Austin Avenue during the month of August 2017! Follow Creative Waco on facebooktwitter, and instagram to receive updates about special evening events and see below for our daily calendar.

Any revenue made through the Waco 52 Pop-Up goes directly to support arts initiatives in Waco and McLennan County. But can we be honest? The primary purpose of this venture is to test ideas, build community, and create interest and excitement around the arts in Waco, so we need YOU to help us get creative!



If you have a great idea for an event, performance, class or party, this is the perfect venue to try it! Check out the calendar above to see available times and then contact us with your idea:  



There is a retail area at the front of 712 Austin, with unframed art prints, books and CDs, artisanal and hand made items sold on a consignment basis. 80% of revenue goes to the artist, 20% goes to support arts initiatives in Waco and McLennan County. Artists need to provide goods in sturdy boxes or plastic tubs clearly marked with name, email and phone number. In addition, individual Items need to be labeled or tagged with artist's name, product name, and pre-tax price (e.g. Joe Cool, azure goblet, $15). Creative Waco will handle all sales, and artists will receive a check in October.

We don't have enough hanging space to take new original 2D artwork or framed prints, but you can exhibit and sell original work in your work space if you have a mini residency (see below).

P R I N T E D  P A P E R  I T E M S :  (art prints, postcards, greetings cards) should be presented unframed in clear plastic protective sleeves (e.g. prints) or bundled (e.g. notecards).  Art prints will be limited to three designs per artist and no more than 20 prints in stock (we will ask you to restock as needed).  The largest dimension should be no greater than 24". 

Please fill out the form below for EACH ITEM TYPE you wish to sell. Simplicity is much appreciated. For example if Joe Cool has 3 styles of mugs but they are all the same price, please submit:  Joe Cool, Mug, $15.


We are offering Mini Residencies of one to four weeks to visual artists in the upstairs studio area. Each artist will have approximately 10’ x 10’ of studio space with at least 1 x 10’ of wall area for display (some hanging fixtures are already in the wall, but new ones cannot be added, so plan to use fishing line or non-invasive display methods). Lighting is a good mix of natural and artificial with movable spotlights. Artists in Residence are asked to work in the space at least 50% of daytime opening hours: 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday. Artists must set up their own work/display space. We can provide a few chairs and desks if necessary. The studio space is offered free of charge on the basis that any sales or commissions resulting from the Mini Residency will be conducted with the same 80/20 commission system as the downstairs retail space. All Artists in Residence are invited to participate in a weekly "Happy Hour Review" of work in progress each Thursday at 5pm. We hope this will be a wonderful opportunity to build community among artists, receive valuable feedback on your work, and connect with buyers and art lovers from Waco and beyond.

M I N I  R E S I D E N C Y  D A T E S :   Artists may choose one or more weeks.  Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Week 1: (no longer available)

Week 2:  Friday, August 11 – Friday, August 18

Week 3:  Friday, August 18 – Friday, August 25

Week 4:  Friday, August 25 – Thursday, August 31


Creative Waco reserves the right to decide what gets displayed in the retail area at any given time, but we promise to have items from each vendor on display. We have a safe area for stock storage, and items will be insured while on the premises. We can’t take any individual items valued over $300. Customers will be responsible for any breakages they cause.