Douwe Blumberg I  Take Flight

Douwe Blumberg I Take Flight





Stretching from Baylor University to McLennan Community College, the Brazos River corridor runs through the heart of Waco, incorporating natural and cultural resources that include Cameron Park and the recently designated Downtown Cultural District. Located next door to historic downtown and at the convergence of two rivers, Cameron Park is an oasis with dramatic cliffs and ancient trees; a network of hike and mountain bike trails; and a delightful, natural habitat zoo. The Brazos River corridor is already home to an outstanding collection of public art that includes approximately forty sculptures; the most recent being Waco Chisholm Trail Heritage, created by renowned sculptor, Robert Summers. The purpose of this project is to build on an ongoing effort to provide quality public art in the river corridor through the issuing of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for sculptures to be placed near the vehicular and pedestrian entrances to Cameron Park Zoo from the park. The proposed subject matter of the sculptures is animals found in the zoo and their symbolic or cultural meaning.



This RFP is extended to individual artists, art students, and design teams with no geographic limitations as to place of work or residence. Submissions may be in the form of new work or existing art available for purchase. The subject matter of the RFP is limited to sculptures of animals found in the Cameron Park Zoo. These pieces may vary in style and form from figurative to abstract but must be recognizable by the average person as representing the animal depicted. In order to be visible in an outdoor setting, the scale of the sculptures should be 1.5 times life size, with the exception of large animals (e.g. elephants), which may be depicted at less than life size or somewhat smaller. 

Since the sculptures will be displayed outdoors and in the public realm, construction should be from durable and easy to maintain materials. Sculptures must withstand climbing and touching and not pose sharp edges or other safety threats. It is recommended that Public Playground Safety Guidelines are consulted. Plans must include structural drawings and specifications for production and placement of bases to which the sculptures will be anchored.

This project is being sponsored by a local philanthropist. Upon completion, the sculpture will be dedicated to the City of Waco as part of Cameron Park Zoo’s 25th anniversary celebration. Creative Waco, Waco’s Local Arts Agency, is assisting the City of Waco in the implementation of this project from the issuing of the RFP through the selection process and installation of the sculptures.



The goals of the project include the following:

  • Place new, high quality works of public art that complement existing pieces in the Brazos River Corridor.

  • Grow Waco’s reputation as a community that values and supports the arts and as one of the State’s newly designated Cultural Districts.

  • Contribute to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Cameron Park Zoo in 2018.

  • Serve as a visual cue to guide people to Cameron Park Zoo.



The potential site zone encompasses a strip of land along the east side of University Parks Drive, beginning at the intersection of University Parks Drive with Colcord Avenue and ending at the entrance to the Cameron Park Zoo. Portions of the potential site are visible from the street, the riverwalk and/or the river. Priority will be given to those areas closest to the entrances to the zoo.

The site includes the following potential areas for installation of the sculptures:

  • A A relatively narrow grassy area along University Parks Drive as you approach the entrance to Cameron Park from Downtown Waco.

  • B A portion of the more open area known as Pecan Bottom as you enter the park that includes a pedestrian connection from a boat landing on the river to the pedestrian entrance to the Cameron Park Zoo.

  • C The grassy area across Cameron Park Drive from Pecan Bottom adjacent to the gateway to the Cameron Park Zoo for motorist and pedestrians.



The total amount budgeted for the project is $150,000 to result in four or five sculptures. Artists may submit proposals for one to five sculptures, with the cost per sculpture expressed as a portion of the total budget. Submitted budgets should include artist’s fee, travel, engineering, materials, fabrication, transportation, documentation, and installation exclusive of the production and placement of bases/foundations, which will be provided by the City of Waco.



  • There are no restrictions regarding where artists live or work.

  • This call is open to professional artists and/or students.

  • Artist teams are eligible to submit proposals

  • Artists need not have completed a project of similar budget, scale, and/or scope, but do need to show their capability of doing so.



Proposals should include the following information:

  • Statement of concept and approach.

  • Visual Support Materials–a maximum of twenty images of proposed designs and examples of past work. Images should be in JPEG or PDF format.

  • Annotated lists describing the visual support material including a description, material, location, budget, client and any other relevant information.

  • A Budget listing the anticipated costs.



  • Proposals will be reviewed by Creative Waco and City of Waco staff for compliance with minimum technical/safety requirements as stated in the RFP.

  • Technically eligible proposals will be submitted to a jury consisting of professionals from the fields of art, design, engineering, andrepresentatives from Creative Waco and the City of Waco.

  • The Jury & Donor will select the finalists. (Finalists may be invited to make a presentation to the jury.)

  • Final recommendations will be submitted to City of Waco Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and Waco City Council for review and approval.




  • Level of originality and creativity.

  • How the artist’s choice of material, presentation and display affect the visitor experience.

  • How the art relates to Waco and the Cameron Park environment.

  • Visual impact.


  • Level of technical skill, artistry and/or craftsmanship exhibited.

  • Sustainability/durability.

  • Safety.


  • Complements existing public art in the Brazos River Corridor.

  • Demonstrates the importance of creativity in art and/or technology.

  • Overall impression.


  • Demonstrated ability of the artist or team to complete a project on schedule and within budget.

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