The finest cities on our planet owe their cultural identity to the people who invested in great art, architecture, and ideas. Their names are remembered because they knew that great art, music, design, architecture and ideas live beyond our individual cares.  Imagine being in Florence, Italy, just as the de Medici family started investing in the artists who drove the Renaissance. We live in a different age, but some things don't change. The cultural identity of our city is just emerging. We get to be the generation that makes this city great for future generations.  

Creative Waco was formed to grow Waco as a vibrant cultural hub! We catalyze creative growth in our community by bringing talented people together, helping them find the tools and resources they need, and investing in innovative ideas that advance Waco's Cultural Plan. We use the resources we have to support Waco's arts organizations when and where funds are most strategic. Unlike the de Medicis in Florence, we want Waco's renaissance to be driven by the whole community! Join the new generation of philanthropy for the arts today by making a donation or by shopping below!



It's a vision for our city, the solution to your gift list, and an original work of art. 


Creative Waco is all about bringing creativity to the city of Waco. Watch as our intern, Rae, shows how you can be part of the creative life of Waco with a CW bag and a little paint!

When you make this bag yours, when you carry it and  tell your (naturally envious) friends about it, you are playing your part in growing Waco as a creative hub. 

Money raised by selling these bags supported Waco’s successful bid to be a Texas Commission on the Arts cultural district in 2016. Now there are only a few left (less than 30!!!), but the remaining sales will ensure you score an important piece of Waco history. Proceeds will support creative summer camps and art programs for kids and young people in our community. 

When you make this yours, you are saying, “Count me in! I support this vision for Waco. I believe in our city’s future as a hub for arts and culture and I want to play my part.”

You can choose a bag hand painted by a local artist, or a blank one to customize; whichever one you choose, you are investing in Waco's future as a hub for arts and culture!