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Creative Waco's newest Professional Development Program, Work of Art, was developed by Springboard for the Arts, a national leader in services to artists, and to communities through the arts. Springboard for the Arts hosted Work of Art classes in over 80 communities in the Upper Midwest, and it has been replicated across the country by artists, arts organizations, colleges, and universities.  Now this incredible resource is coming to Waco!  Learn more on the Act Locally Waco blog.





Did someone tell you it's impossible to make money as an artist?


Attend the nationally recognized program Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists, a professional preparation and development course for artists and creatives.

8 sessions for only $95.

The reduced price is for this fall only!  Price will go up in the spring.


Meeting in downtown Waco, weekly, from September 24th through November 14th.

Choose either:

  • Monday evenings, 6:30-8:30 p.m. @ Waco Work, 600 Columbus Ave.

  • Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11:30 a.m. @ Cultivate 7twelve, 712 Austin Ave.

Topics Include:

  • Planning for a financially sustainable and fulfilling career.

  • Setting goals and staying productive.

  • Communicating about your work in person and in print.

  • Deciding what–and how–to charge.

  • Keeping the lawyers and the IRS happy.

  • And more!


We know what you’re thinking…


“I probably need this but.. business, ugh. Sounds deadly.”

Hey, if you’re not sure that Work of Art is for you, come to the first session for free, then pay afterward if you decide to continue.


“I’m not sure those topics are everything I need to know.”

Okay, then we’ll also give you FREE admission to special workshops on Marketing (November 3rd) and Fundraising (November 16th), as well as FREE brush-up visits to any future Creative Waco Work of Art session, and two hours of FREE individual coaching with the instructor.


“I like to have something tangible to show what I’ve accomplished, like a grade or a trophy.”

Great!  Anyone who attends at least seven sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion (great for a resume or application) and a free copy of Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.


“I don’t have a car.”  

Both locations are on Waco Transit and Baylor downtown shuttle routes.  Evening sessions finish after the transportation hours but, if you live in Waco, we’ll help get you home.  


“I’m interested but I don’t have the money right now.”

There are partial scholarships, payment plans, and full-waiver assistantships available.  To apply, fill out the form above and select “Contact me about financial assistance” under "Payment."  We’ll be in touch.


“Mmmm…still not sure.”

Contact with any other questions. 

Work of Art will be facilitated by Luann Jennings, Creative Waco's Project Manager for Artist Professional Development and Networking.  Luann moved to Waco from New York City two years ago to invest in the city and prepare Waco's artists and arts students for sustainable, fulfilling creative careers.  She has started several arts businesses herself and studied arts business, entrepreneurship, policy, and education at New York University School of Professional Studies, Columbia University, National Arts Strategies, and Lincoln Center Institute. Luann has taught arts business skills in several contexts, including Baylor and other universities, and was privileged to receive a full scholarship from Springboard for the Arts to attend their "Train the Trainer" event in St. Paul, where she received top-level mentoring on how to teach this curriculum. Learn more about Luann.