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Creative Waco's Professional Development Program, The Work of Artists, was inspired by and adapted (with their permission) from Springboard for the Arts’ Work of Art curriculum and several other nationally-recognized professional development programs for artists. We’ve pulled together the best aspects of these programs for local visual and performing artists who are starting to think about earning money with their creative work.

Get your creative career going in three easy (yes, easy) steps.

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You might think that the only thing that matters is what you’re creating but, nope, if you want to make a career of your creative work you need to back all the way up to why and how you’re doing it. You'll dig deeply into what you’re really selling, what makes your work unique, and how to fit your creative business into your life right now. You’ll need to know all these things for your Business Plan, which you'll walk out of the workshop with and will need for Steps 2 and 3.


The communi-ty around your work is much bigger than who will pay you. When you communi-cate well with them you grow your creative business. Networking and marketing become priorities in a world where it’s as easy to talk with someone in Singapore as in the next building, and the most influential person in your field can find you on Instagram.


Now that you have the foundations of your arts business, you need to figure out how much you need to make to be sustainable, and what to do with the $ when it comes in. Keep the lawyers and IRS happy while growing your profit and spending more time making the work you love.

Take all three steps or just the ones you need the most help with. Those who take the whole course can attend all other 2019 Creative Waco Working Artist Professional Development classes for free!


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MAY 17 AND 18


Meet the instructor

The Work of Artists series is led by Luann Jennings, Creative Waco's Project Manager for Artist Professional Development and Networking.  Luann moved to Waco from New York City two years ago to invest in the city and prepare Waco's artists and arts students for sustainable, fulfilling creative careers.  She has started several arts businesses herself and studied arts business, entrepreneurship, policy, and education at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, Columbia University, National Arts Strategies, and Lincoln Center Institute. Luann has taught arts business skills in several contexts, including Baylor and other universities. Learn more about Luann.

Comments from Previous Participants

I got information about how to be more than just a good artist – how to make it my business. I am now applying for artist fellowships, doing regular commissions, and my work was selected by Fort Worth Art Center during the Fort Worth festival.
— Marsha Wilson
Luann was super helpful…I would highly recommend this course to any young professional looking for practical tips in how to succeed as well as anyone who is looking to take the next step in their creative endeavors. This class taught me that you can take practical steps to fulfill creative and artistic goals.
— Tiffany Navarro
Super appreciated Luann’s time and wisdom, I really enjoyed the class and it so helped me focus!!!..such a great class to offer to Waco!
— Rianna Alvarado